This page introduces software that I have developed.


CloneGear is a clone detection tool for multiple programing languages. At present, it support C/C++, Java, Python, Javascript, and PHP. It detects clones with token-based approach but it can detect Type-3 (gapped) clones in addition to Type-1 (exact) clones and Type-2 (Renamed) clones. It also has a couple of mechanism not to detect trivial clones.

The source code is open to the public on




TinyPDG is a library for building control flow graphs (CFGs) and program dependency graphs (PDGs) from Java source code. It also includes functionality to detect code clones by using the built PDGs.

The source code is open to the public on



MPAnalyzer is a software tool to modification patterns (MPs) from software repositories. A modification pattern shows a pattern that a code fragment has been changed to another code fragment by a modification. Detecting MPs will provide opportunities for reengineering or reverse engineering activities.

Currently, MPAnalyzer handles Java source code managed in SVN repositories.

The source code is open to the public on



CommentRemover is a simple tool for removing code comments, blank lines, bracket lines, and indents from the source files.

Currently, CommentRemover handles C, CSharp, and Java source code.

The tool is open to the public on